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Use our personalized recruitment services to hire the best candidate for your in house position, outsourcing position, or project work. OnTarget Quality:

» Gathers and reviews your unique requirements

» Matches your company requirements to the correct
target hiring group

» Screens and interviews prospective candidates

» Evaluates the candidates

» Checks candidate references

» Provides a shortlist of the most suitable candidates
for your company and the specific position

» Schedules interviews

» Maintains open communication channels with you
and the candidate


You benefit by:

» Turning recruitment from a headache into a quick and easy process

» Reducing the stress and frustration so often associated with recruiting

» Saving time and money, by reducing the time spent reviewing, and interviewing inappropriate candidates

» Increasing your recruitment success rate

» Enhancing your team with great resources, shortening new employee ramp up time

» Reducing staff turnover by finding you the right person  for the right job/team/environment


For more information, e-mail Merav or Nirit