QA Tester Internship

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OnTarget Quality offers an internship for QA Testers. The internship is
designed to provide interns with training as an ISTQB Certified Tester -
Foundation Level (CTFL), as well as provide the project management,
technical and interpersonal skills required to succeed as an entry-level
QA Tester.

The internship is designed to include at least 4 months of practical work
experience. These practical work blocks are in some of the most prestigious
QA departments in Israel. Hosting companies have the first right of refusal, and may offer the intern graduates outsourcing or full time employment after the internship period.

This program also provides an opportunity to those in our community who would simply never be able to afford this sort of training.

Would you make a good prospective QA Tester?

 Are you keen to learn a new career?

 Do you have a positive attitude?

 Are you meticulous?

 Do you think outside the box?

 Are you inquisitive?

 Can you communicate in English?

If you answered "YES" to all these questions, and you have some technology background, send your details in fast screening for the next QA Tester Internship program is in full swing, and we will accept only 11 candidates for this course.

To apply for our internship program, send your resume to Justine